These are the days it pays to put on the Orvis Waders and watch Morning Schmoe and Meeka at dawn’s arse crack. So you don’t have to.

Skeletons in the GOP Way Back Machine … Dog Bless the Internets. Prior fetid statements from the fresh senator that Progressive Arkansans may be already cotton to.

Today we had Rrrreinece Prrrrreibus on to be the opener introductory Fool at the post SOTU Schmoe Roundtable. Not that he cannot headline perfectly well, but apparently it’s Arkansan Cotton’s turn to play Jester … he’s even younger and more faux earnest than most, and not inclined to the level of blasé we expect from Rrrrreince:

To be following SOTU hash is rather a good mic op for a fledgling Senator, he widely publicized his own shot on Morning Joe

[happily for us Joe is at home, flattened by a flu] and went Top Gun on Meeka, who passed the ball like a hot Idaho baker to Howard Dean.

Speaking of Deans, do not miss Nicole’s interview yesterday with brother Jimmy, it was fascinating and really updates us on where DFA is at! Link here, titled Democracy in Action – or Not!


Happily, a confident Dean was settled in at the other end of the table. When Morning Meeka and Sam Stein looked on, Dean played Mousie with the GOP’s latest fair-haired boy being envoyed to do Main Stream Media carnival rounds in particularly cocky form … with a fresh coat of Con Smarm.


Sorry for the early Ick, as always. Complimentary nausea meds in the cabinet in the Rear.


For a bit of background, Senator Tom Cotton released a statement promptly following SOTU that had this to bray:

“It’s difficult to understand how President Obama doesn’t see that Arkansans don’t want—and can’t afford—more of the same failed policies. They want an efficient, accountable government that can do more with less.”

Yes. The Kochs, Shelly AdelBank and the other other GOP High Rollers are all about doing more with less … idiots!

This is Cotton on one of his self-proclaimed best days in a bit of Twitter Hubris. All deference to those who served in the military then go into the political swamps, but at times the diehard conservative ones seem to think they are still in command of everything.

And one of his worst, IMHO, is below. Deeply in bed with the Right to Life upscale donors. But true Tom Cotton filth comes from his college days and early professional life, when he had opinions on women and societal norms that should have us reaching for an air sickness bag and a Twitter button – this cat really needs some light shone on his slimy past. Maybe the military history adds to the misogyny? Gag. From the ArkTimes comes some of the Neanderthal lowlights.

But here’s an area where Cotton continues today to say things that echo his youthful comments and they seem likely to contribute to a gender gap in this race. Remember when he said all women should be legally prohibited from serving in combat roles? It’s not just a muscle mass thing, because clearly some women could meet the physical standards and all men aren’t automatically capable by virtue of their gender.


He said, with emphasis added: “To have women serving in infantry, though, could impair the mission-essential tasks of those units. And that’s been proven in study after study, it’s nature, upper body strength, and physical movements, and speed, and endurance, and so forth.” Nature? We look forward to more from Rep. Cotton on the nature of women. We now know his patronizing outlook goes back many years.

He begins: “Men are simple creatures. It doesn’t take much to please us. The problem is women. How does an utterly simple creature understand an infinitely complex one? Since this creature realizes he is even simpler than most men, I knew only women could help me understand, well, women.” Tom-Cotton- You’ll want to read the results of his informal survey of “Cliffies,” the patronizing name Harvard he-men attached to students of Radcliffe, the all-woman’s college that once operated as a separate and not fully equal collegiate partner. Cotton concluded Cliffies’ driving motivation in life was finding and holding onto a husband.

“Yet that is a lot to ask of a man: Talk to a psychologist, a sociobiologist or a mother and you learn that men are naturally restless and rowdy, maybe even a little incorrigible. Throughout time, though, women and social institutions have conspired to break man’s unruliness. In the past few decades, however, they have largely abandoned that noble and necessary project.”

Double Digit WTF Early Bird.