DOMA is Dead

  It was nice of the Supreme Court to wait until I returned to issue their ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act.  Even better of them was ruling that DOMA is unconstitutional! As I flew in late last night from Los Angeles, I'm a bit jet-lagged and out of it, but attempted to bring you the rulings as they were announced - courtesy of SCOTUSblog.  And Jacob Combs of Courage Campaign and Equality on Trial joined in with some perspective too. You can read the actual DOMA ruling here - with Justice Kennedy writing the opinion for the majority! [...]

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Equal Rights for All

That picture is my friend Asher Huey.  I don't think Asher is ready to get married yet, but when he is, it will be to the man with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life.  His right to marry the person of his choice is what's at stake-- what the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about, what they may rule on in the next few months. It is the civil rights issue of our time. We've been dealing with it all week on both this show and as I've been filling in for Randi Rhodes on her [...]

Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court

History will be made today and tomorrow at the Supreme Court, as the high court hears a challenge to Prop 8 today, and to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) tomorrow. On my show this morning, I spoke with Judge David Young, the first openly gay man to sit on the bench in Florida (perhaps even in the country), who left the court to host the Judge David Young Show. Karl Frisch also joined in from his Bullfight Strategies office, right across from the Supreme Court, where he had a bird's eye view of all the action outside the court. [...]

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The Beginning of a Long Week

Last week's diversion into the troubled mind of Michelle Shocked was, in a sense, a fitting introduction to this week in which the Supreme Court will hear two cases that deal directly with Marriage Equality. Tomorrow and Wednesday will bring challenges to California's Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, respectively.  We'll cover both here on my show in the morning, and on the Randi Rhodes Show in the afternoon..  Yes, it's double-headers all week long... This morning on my show, music journalist Chris Willman will join in to give the postscript on the very sad Michelle Shocked saga. [...]

No Global Warming, My Ass

This morning I was pleased to speak with someone who minces no words when it comes to Global Warming. Max Boykoff is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and just wrote the book, Who Speaks for the Climate?: Making Sense of Media Reporting on Climate Change. He also recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, "A Dangerous Shift in Obama's 'Climate Change' Rhetoric" In the first hour, I chatted about Romney's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday with the awesome Cliff Schecter... Before the show ended, I got a call asking if I [...]

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Citizens Inundated, Prop 8 Ruling and @GottaLaff too

Today's show will cover a lot of territory... We'll speak with's Tim Karr... A lot of listeners have asked about ACTA and its supposed role as the more evil step-sister of SOPA/PIPA.  So, I asked Tim to join us to tell us about it, as he's my arbiter of all things internet.  He'll give us what little he knows about it, as ACTA is NOT US legislation... The NY Times had a good piece on ACTA on Sunday, "A New Question of Internet Freedom". What Tim has been working on lately is a study on the effects of the [...]

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Kagan Confirmed, ‘Anchor Babies’ Under Fire, and Net Neutrality Neutered?

Yes, it's another busy day in the USA. The Senate today confirmed Elena Kagan as the 112th  Justice of the Supreme Court, but the Republicans (and Ben Nelson) show they just do not want to play ball. The final vote was 63-37, with five Republicans (Snowe and Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of S.C., Lugar of Indiana, and Judd Gregg of New Hampshire) voting for her confirmation (no Scott Brown, hmmm), and one DINO, Ben Nelson, voting against her.  Can we just kick Nelson out of the party already? Net Neutrality is also top of mind today as [...]

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Ding Dong Prop H8 is Dead

... for now anyway, as an appeal has already been filed, and a stay is already in place.  But it's great news coming out of California as Judge Vaughn Walker (a George H W Bush appointee, no less) ruled that the statute violated a fundamental right of people in love to get married-- he found Prop 8 "unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses.". Read the ruling for yourself here: Prop 8 Ruling FINAL It's nice to be able to share good news for a change! We'll get into the ruling tonight with FireDogLake's Teddy Partridge and [...]

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