Fight H8… for now anyway, as an appeal has already been filed, and a stay is already in place.  But it’s great news coming out of California as Judge Vaughn Walker (a George H W Bush appointee, no less) ruled that the statute violated a fundamental right of people in love to get married– he found Prop 8 “unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses.”.

Read the ruling for yourself here:

Prop 8 Ruling FINAL
It’s nice to be able to share good news for a change!

We’ll get into the ruling tonight with FireDogLake’s Teddy Partridge and David Dayen too!

But first, I’ll chat with Brave New Foundation/Rethink Afghanistan’s Derrick Crowe about their latest petition drive urging Katie Couric to get her facts straight about women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Then, just when the government and BP are spreading the same line of BS along the lines of “75% of the oil has disappeared,” I’ll chat with “Barkway” who’s been blowing the whistle on BP’s heinous practices when it comes to cleaning up the mess they made.  She’s also known as “Deepwater Throat” on the Political Carnival.

And in the wake of the Senate wimping out on any climate legislation, The Nation’s Christian Parenti will join me to talk about his latest piece, “The Big Green Buy,” which explains how President Obama can make a dramatic impact on climate change now … without Congress.