Thanks to Earl, I filled in for Randi today

**Update** The podcast is posted. Sorry for the sound quality. It does get better toward the middle to end of the show... With Hurricane Earl threatening the eastern seaboard, Randi headed out of town.  As always, I was thrilled to fill in. I had a blast talking to Randi's listeners.  You guys are great... We covered a lot of territory.  Here's the info and the links as promised: Dr. Jeff Masters, director of Meteorology for Weather Underground was my first guest, giving us an update on Earl's trajectory. Journalist Dahr Jamail has been covering the BP disaster for a while [...]

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Day 45 and Counting…

When the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on Earth Day - April 20 - I don't think any of us ever thought we'd be here today, talking about the disaster it started. But here we are, 45  days and somewhere around 185 million gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf later, we're hearing more BP horror stories and seeing horrific images of of birds and marine creatures dead and dying. It's the unimaginable, but it's real. And with each passing day, it's more and more apparent that no one - not BP, not the government - NO ONE KNOWS [...]

No Rest for the Weary

We usually return from a long holiday weekend all rested and raring to go. Unfortunately, the news got in the way. Of course, the oil is still gushing from the underwater BP geyser.  Yes, in the middle of the Memorial Day weekend, BP told us that their Top Kill procedure didn't work. Then, the world awoke yesterday morning to find that the Israeli Defense Forces had rappelled onto the ships of the FreeGaza flotilla and opened fire on the activists on board who were attempting to bring relief supplies to the people of Gaza. So much for rest and relaxation. [...]

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Today on The Randi Rhodes Show!

Yes, I'll be guest hosting The Randi Rhodes Show again today, and there's so much to talk about... Here's what we've got scheduled.  And remember, there's lots of time for your calls too... 866-877-2636 (866-87-RANDI) Hour 1... David Dayen, who mans the news desk at FireDogLake will bring us the latest on the big stories of the day: BP mess in the gulf/top kill, DADT, Joe Sestak Hour 2... Michael Whitney - progressive online organizer working w/FDL Action, who's currently in  Grand Isle, LA, and writing about what's happening there Hour 3... Derrick Crowe -  Brave New Foundation's Afghanistan expert [...]

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