Yes, I’ll be guest hosting The Randi Rhodes Show again today, and there’s so much to talk about…

Here’s what we’ve got scheduled.  And remember, there’s lots of time for your calls too… 866-877-2636 (866-87-RANDI)

Hour 1… David Dayen, who mans the news desk at FireDogLake will bring us the latest on the big stories of the day: BP mess in the gulf/top kill, DADT, Joe Sestak

Hour 2… Michael Whitney – progressive online organizer working w/FDL Action, who’s currently in  Grand Isle, LA, and writing about what’s happening there

Hour 3… Derrick Crowe –  Brave New Foundation’s Afghanistan expert to discuss the fact that on Sunday, May 30th, the cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is expected to reach one trillion dollars.  This comes on the eve of an especially noteworthy Memorial Day, as the country has recently surpassed one thousand deaths of American soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Check out their newest video project “How Would You Spent $1 Trillion Dollars?” here.

PHILIP LONGMAN – author of “Best Care Anywhere: Why VA Healthcare is Better Than Yours”

Talk to you soon!