8-26-21 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein and Erica Smith Today Too

Download here or click below to play, (or watch the video at the bottom of the page!)   Every Thursday, I'm joined by Howie Klein. Since leaving his post as president of Reprise Records years ago, Howie has put his energies to work to make the US a more progressive nation. To that end, he blogs at DownWithTyranny.com, and founded the Blue America PAC. Along with Digby and Crooks & Liars' John Amato, Howie vets potential candidates, and helps the true progressives among them by raising money and helping to get others on board. Today, one of Blue America's endorsed [...]

4-17-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Friday Morning Fast Track TPP Blues

The long-expected bill to Fast Track the TPP was introduced in the senate yesterday. Nicole breaks down the specifics about the bad deal and explains what we can do to stop it. Monday marks the 5th anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Antonia Juhasz tells what's changed since then. And we go back to Sept 1995 for Nicole's interview with the late, great Jeff Healey.

Thanks to Earl, I filled in for Randi today

**Update** The podcast is posted. Sorry for the sound quality. It does get better toward the middle to end of the show... With Hurricane Earl threatening the eastern seaboard, Randi headed out of town.  As always, I was thrilled to fill in. I had a blast talking to Randi's listeners.  You guys are great... We covered a lot of territory.  Here's the info and the links as promised: Dr. Jeff Masters, director of Meteorology for Weather Underground was my first guest, giving us an update on Earl's trajectory. Journalist Dahr Jamail has been covering the BP disaster for a while [...]

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