**Update** The podcast is posted. Sorry for the sound quality. It does get better toward the middle to end of the show…

With Hurricane Earl threatening the eastern seaboard, Randi headed out of town.  As always, I was thrilled to fill in.

I had a blast talking to Randi’s listeners.  You guys are great…

We covered a lot of territory.  Here’s the info and the links as promised:

Dr. Jeff Masters, director of Meteorology for Weather Underground was my first guest, giving us an update on Earl’s trajectory.

Journalist Dahr Jamail has been covering the BP disaster for a while now, writing for Truthout, the Intel Press Service and of course, his own website (www.Dahr.org).  He brought us up to date on today’s oil rig explosion in the Gulf, and his stories about the oil still hanging there from the Deepwater Horizon blast.

As he spent a lot of time in Iraq as an unembedded journalist, I asked him his thoughts on President Obama’s declaration that combat operations have ended.

In the second hour, after a round of calls on Iraq, I spoke with a couple of great candidates.  Scott McAdams is the Democratic senatorial candidate from Alaska, running against Sarah Palin protege Joe Miller. And Lance Enderle is running for Congress from Michigan’s 8th District, against incumbent Joe Miller (the guy who said that Private Manning, alleged to be behind the wikileaks leaked video and documents, should be executed!).

They’re both great candidates who we could use in Congress, and they’re both running against crazy right wingers who should be voted out of office!

We started hour three with a visit from Politico‘s foreign policy reporter Laura Rozen, who brought us up to date on the Middle East Peace talks taking place today in Washington DC.

I also railed a bit about former Sen. Alan Simpson, who did it again.  This time, instead of speaking about people on Social Security in disparaging terms, he did it to our veterans who are suffering due to Agent Orange exposure.  President Obama needs to fire this jerk!

And we finished the show with more of your calls.

Thanks again to Randi for having me fill in for her today. It’s always a blast!

I’ll be off for Labor Day, so will talk to you again Tuesday… radio or not!