Stop Making Sense or Life During Wartime

  Once again, I feel as if I've entered Opposite World, where up is down, in is out and everything is completely backwards. I didn't meant to quote the Talking Heads, but it's the lower case talking heads who are making my brain hurt right now. First of all, the talking head making the most sense about Iraq right now is... Shephard Smith!?!?! Yes, the man who is relegated to keeping his sexuality safely hidden in the closet because his employer is Faux News is, once again, speaking the truth. This time, he's saying what I'm thinking about Iraq. If [...]

Virginia is for Losers

In this case, the loser in Virginia is Eric Canter. While no one in Cantor's campaign was paying attention, a teabagger named Dave Brat came out of nowhere to defeat the seven-term Congressman and House Majority leader in yesterday's primary. Did I say House Majority Leader? Not for too much longer! BREAKING: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) will resign from being Majority Leader, GOP aides confirm to NBC News. — msnbc (@msnbc) June 11, 2014 To Eric Cantor who really, really wanted to be the first Jewish Speaker of the House: Not only will that never happen, but now there [...]

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Who Do You Love?

I love Joe Biden for saying this (and putting the ear worm in my head): Pretty awesome. I love France for kicking Sarkozy and his austerity agenda to the curb, and for electing their first Socialist president in almost two decades. Some of the things I love about President-elect Hollande: * Hollande opposes an economic policy based only on austerity and has promised to renegotiate the European fiscal compact to include provisions on jobs and growth; * Although he has pledged to balance public finances by the end of 2017, Hollande has also said he will adapt that target if growth [...]

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