Once again, I feel as if I’ve entered Opposite World, where up is down, in is out and everything is completely backwards. I didn’t meant to quote the Talking Heads, but it’s the lower case talking heads who are making my brain hurt right now.

First of all, the talking head making the most sense about Iraq right now is... Shephard Smith!?!?! Yes, the man who is relegated to keeping his sexuality safely hidden in the closet because his employer is Faux News is, once again, speaking the truth. This time, he’s saying what I’m thinking about Iraq.

If that wasn’t mind blowing enough, how about Mark Halperin talking sense to Paul Bremer about Iraq and the role of the US in that troubled part of the world!

If you were pleasantly surprised  by those two segments, welcome to the club. Unfortunately then, you’ll likely be sadly disappointed by the answers I got from General Wesley Clark. The former NATO commander and presidential candidate apparently thinks the way I’d have expected the two men mentioned above to think… When I asked Gen. Clark what we should do in Iraq, he unequivocally called for “air strikes.”

I know, he is a retired US Army General and, as such, is conditioned to think that way. But I expected more out of a career military man who opposed entering Iraq in the first place and actually seemed refreshing during his presidential run in 2004. Then again, he did participate in a sickening celebration of war on NBC in a strange “reality show” called “Stars Earn Stripes.” I thought then that he had lost his mind. Now I know that his mind has been darkened by the fog of war.

In an interesting juxtaposition of ideas, Chelsea Manning published an Op-Ed in yesterday’s NY Times explaining that “the United States military controlled the media coverage of its long involvement there and in Afghanistan,” and urges people to be skeptical of their coverage now.

In the first hour, Howie Klein joined in as he does each Monday morning for the Steve Israel Hour, sponsored by Little Debbie. Today, we discussed the incompetence of Steve Israel who never saw the Cantor crushing coming, and did everything he could to protect Cantor from a Democratic challenger. Plus next week’s primaries could bring us a real progressive as the Democratic nominee in the MD governor’s race in Heather Mizeur, but probably won’t.

Tomorrow, it’s @GottaLaff time… Seriously, we all need some laughs right about now… radio or not!