Kucinich endorses Darcy Burner!

We'll miss Dennis Kucinich in Congress come January.  But we can elect another true progressive to represent us.  Just read what he had to say about Darcy Burner from WA01.  Since this is just a screen grab from an email sent by Kucinich, the links don't work.  So, to find out more and contribute to her campaign please visit DarcyBurner.com (and you can always visit the Blue America PAC page too...)

WTF Happened to Rick Santorum?

Rick Santorum has a Google problem.... among others. The Google problem arose from his Neanderthal-brained comments equating homosexuality with "man on dog sex".  From my layman's point of view, I feel pretty confident in supposing that his other myriad of problems include sexual repression and insecurity, and religious better-than-you-ism. I have spent a few minutes wondering what could have caused Frothy to become so twisted.  Then I realized that he graduated from Penn State University. OK, I know that doesn't necessarily mean he was molested in the shower by Jerry Sandusky.  But... he did/does have some weird symbiotic relationship with [...]

One Year Later-Do You Know Where Your Health Care Is?

One year ago today, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (or as the Republicans call it "the Job-Killing Health Care Bill) into law.  Unfortunately, a year later, the most helpful aspects of the law have yet to take effect. In fact, it'll be another three years before the exchange - which would allow us all, regardless of pre-existing condition, to buy insurance - is up and running. This dubious anniversary comes as I'm still reeling from a tooth extraction and its costs, both physically and financially. As someone with a few of those pesky pre-existing conditions, I pay an [...]

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