8-3-18 Nicole Sandler Show -Hurtling Toward Fascism & the Movement Voter Project

As the administration's attacks on a free press escalate, Nicole pulls out her look at the 14 defining characteristics of fascism. To counter such an eventuality, she welcomes Billy Wimsatt, Director of the Movement Voter Project back to the show to explain how they're empowering the best local grassroots organizations around the country to elect Democrats.

Religion and Politics Monday

  Today we did what you're not supposed to do in polite company: talk religion and politics. Then again, I never said we were polite around here. We began with religion, courtesy of Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Ben Affleck  with a little Michael Steele and Nicholas Krisof thrown in for good sense ...   Although I agree with most of what Affleck said, he needs to learn to shut up once in a while and let others speak. Religious scholar Reza Aslan took issue with Maher's prior Islamophobic rants... Although Upworthy cited lots of sources that back up Azlan's [...]

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