Today we did what you’re not supposed to do in polite company: talk religion and politics. Then again, I never said we were polite around here.

We began with religion, courtesy of Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Ben Affleck  with a little Michael Steele and Nicholas Krisof thrown in for good sense …


Although I agree with most of what Affleck said, he needs to learn to shut up once in a while and let others speak.

Religious scholar Reza Aslan took issue with Maher’s prior Islamophobic rants…

Although Upworthy cited lots of sources that back up Azlan’s statements, it’s easy to find plenty of people who say he’s dead wrong.

So let’s move on to politics, shall we?

I awoke this morning to an epic email rant about how important it is for Democrats to retain the Senate in next month’s midterm elections. Billy Wimsatt is a journalist, author, organizer and director of Vote Mob which is organizing young voters in 13 states. I asked him if I could post his rant here at Radio or Not, and invited him on the show  this morning to discuss the urgency of the situation.

I also invited another mutual friend, whose opinion on the necessity of the Democrats retaining control of the Senate is slightly different. Bill Scher is senior writer at the Campaign for America’s Future (among other things), and just last week wrote a thought-provoking piece for Politico magazine entitled, “Good News, Democrats, You’re Going to Lose.”

Ultimately, they both agreed that it would be better for all of us if the Republicans didn’t win control of the Senate – and that everyone needs to vote on Nov. 4!

With that in mind, today is the last day to register to vote in  AZ, FL, GA, HI, IN, KY, MI, OH, PA, TN, TX, UT, WA – so stop procrastinating.

Florida is one of those states listed above. I was thrilled to see a great article in Rolling Stone – “The Florida Farce: Rick Scott vs Charlie Crist,” by Jeb Lund,  about our ridiculous choices for governor. Yes, we get to vote for a political opportunist whose views are predicated upon which way the political winds blow or a criminal.  Jeb Lund joined me for the last half-hour of the show today, a mere four days after his son was born!  I hope he’s taking a nap right now.

Tomorrow, we’ll be joined by famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, and the return of the Gliberal Goddesses! Talk to you then, radio or not!