4-5-19 Nicole Sandler Show -ACHEing for Change with Bob Kincaid

We've come to the end of another long, busy week. After an update on the latest news of the day, we welcome the host of the Head on Radio Newtork and co-founder of Appalachian Community Health Emergency Bob Kincaid back to the show.

A Bridge and Toxic Water

Chris Christie has a problem with a bridge, and over 300,ooo residents of West Virginia have toxic water. Welcome to Monday! I think Christie's troubles are just beginning... pop some popcorn and settle in, because this one will last a while. Stay tuned! Although the NY Times and Washington Post both have been covering the sickening story out of West Virginia, apparently none of the Sunday talk shows thought it was a big enough story to compete with Christie's troubles, a baby panda's debut or the three-year anniversary (later this week) of Sully Sullenberger landing his plane on the Hudson River. [...]

Debt Ceiling Hostage Taking Redux

Oy. Here we go again!  They released they can't use their threats to "de-fund Obamacare" - so now they're just threatening to tank the economy and the good faith and credit of the country again. If you're wondering what's in their ransom note this time, wonder no further.  Zach Carter of Huffington Post joined in on the show this morning to talk about some of the outrageous demands he detailed in "House GOP Debt Ceiling Offer To Include Pro-Wall Street Provisions, Health Care Cuts" including ... a significant overhaul of the environmental and financial regulatory system, would cut pensions for Federal [...]

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