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So, the governor who was elected even though his company had to pay the government a $1.5 Billion fine for Medicare fraud (the largest in US history) is messing with peoples health again.  I’m not talking about the fact the Rick “Voldemort” Scott was one of the first to proclaim he’d opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicare expansion, or to say that he’d not implement any of the ACA provisions until after the presidential election.  This is even worse.

Rick Scott, under the auspices of budget cutting, ordered the closure of the one state hospital that has been treating tuberculosis for the past 60 years plus….  just as health department officials warned of a new TB outbreak around Jacksonville.  When his office and Florida’s CDC were asked by a reporter about it, the declined to comment…  

This morning, I spoke with Stacey Singer of the Palm Beach Post who uncovered this bombshell in a series of articles.  She’ll also join me on the Randi Rhodes Show this afternoon. 

Cliff Schecter joined me to talk about the opposite world in which everything is seemingly ok, as long as you’re a Republican (IOKIYAR). 

And if it’s Tuesday, it’s GottaLaff of The Political Carnival in the second hour.. today, we talked about these stories and more:

Health care lobbyists hold “White Trash Reception” on Capitol Hill. Hilarious, right low-income, white Americans?

Donor calls “Plastic Ken Doll” Romney “timid” but “declined to give his name because he said it would hurt his business.”

VIDEO: “Romney is smart to wait before he starts laying out proposal after proposal.” Because he has none.

Plus: VIDEO: Bobby Jindal, true to Team Romney form, avoids questions about Romney’s tax returns, offshore bank accounts

VIDEO: Which “dirty little tax secret” does Mitt Romney not want us to see?

Bain owned company outsourcing Illinois jobs to China; employees want Mitt Romney to intervene

Donald Trump to get ‘Statesman of the Year’ award just before GOP convention

VIDEO: Once again, Chris Christie proves his need for anger management classes

Florida accused of covering up of the worst TB outbreak in 20 years