Mountain Moral Monday’s first outing drew an estimated 10,000 people

With the beginning of the school year a mere two weeks away here in South Florida, I have to run right after the show today to take my kid to a doctor’s appointment… So, a quick rundown of what’s on tap in today’s show:

The North Carolina legislative session has finally drawn to a close, so the Moral Monday protesters have taken their protests on the road.  Yesterday, it was Mountain Moral Monday event in Asheville that drew an estimated 10,000 people.  We’ll speak with activist Terry Van Duyn who was one of the speakers yesterday.

As the song goes, children are our future. So why don’t Republicans care about them once they’re born? We’ll talk about that with  Michael Petit, who has been working for over a decade to make kids an issue in elections.  He’s the founder and president of Every Child Matters and its new Virginia offshoot, Strong Kids, Strong Virginia.

And Laffy’s back!  GottaLaff joins in from The Political Carnival each Tuesday morning to talk about some of the other stories we might have missed… Today, she brings us these gems:

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And, just in case you missed my conversation with Congressman Alan Grayson yesterday, here are a few highlights: