We know that the face of media is changing (says the radio veteran who does a daily show online),  But with the sale of the venerable Washington Post to Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, we really don’t know what the future holds for the printed newspaper page.  Richard Eskow, senior fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future looks at the possible scenarios and how they might play out in “Which Jeff Bezos is Buying the Washington Post?” – and he joined me on the show this morning to discuss it.

I believe that so much of what is wrong with this country is that way because of our media.  The right wing crazies and teabaggers are emboldened by the Murdoch media who make shit up and present the lies as facts and call it “news”.

It’s now August, and the House Republicans were all sent home with a tool kit called “Fighting Washington for All Americans” (some classic double-speak there) – including instructions on how to hold “Emergency Obamacare Town Hall Meetings” (see page 30 of the document linked above)…

Even with my experience of being arrested for simply attempting to ask my congressman a question at an event called at “town hall meeting” and spending a night in the Broward County Jail and being pepper sprayed by a Broward Sheriff’s Deputy(!), I still think everyone should attend these meetings this summer and stand up for what’s right.

My account of the events that led to my arrest and those following are detailed here.  Go to meetings, but go with a group of people, and make sure each one of them is shooting video. Do not let the crazies control the message. Do not let the inmates run the asylum.

Although it seems they already are..  John Amato of Crooks and Liars joined in to talk about the Republican hypocrisy over the CNN and NBC projects about Hillary Clinton and the faux outrage.