Yes, a busy day here at Radio or Not.  I’ve got my show coming up from 10-noon… and then I’ll be guest-hosting the Randi Rhodes Show, so she can head up to NY to be a guest on Joy Behar’s show tonight.

I’ll be back later to tell you what we have planned for Randi’s show… but here’s what’s happening on mine.

It’s Wednesday, that means Howie Klein from DownWithTyranny and the Blue America PAC.  We’re 13 days away from election day and it’s getting tight.  Blue America actually has a new campaign ad against “Democrat” Bobby Bright in Alabama.  Seriously.  We’ll talk about that, plus the disturbing news that the DCCC has written off Alan Grayson’s race!

In the second hour, after news from TRNS, I’ll be joined by John Amato, the founder/publisher of Crooks and Liars (and author of “Over the Cliff”), who runs the Blue America PAC along with Howie Klein and Digby, to talk about the Jack Conway “Aqua Buddha” ad against Rand Paul.

Come back later for info on today’s Randi Rhodes show!