***File fixed.. This is now the May 11 episode of the Nicole Sandler Show***

For the second time in my life, I actually won something.  Democracy for America today announced the first round winners for their Netroots Nation 2010 Scholarships, and I was one of them!  There are two more rounds of competition, so it’s not too late for you to throw your hat in the ring!

My prize is one of 40 scholarships DFA will award to worthy bloggers, and includes registration and hotel accommodations for Netroots Nation, happening July 22-25 in Las Vegas!  I’m thrilled, as I believe this will help move Radio or Not to the proverbial next level!  I look forward to meeting in person many of the people who’ve been kind enough to be on my show over the past couple of years, and making new contacts who can help make the show better!  I really appreciate the efforts of the many people who took the time to register a vote for me!

The first time I won anything was back in 2000.  I was a contestant on VH1’s Rock & Roll Jeopardy, and I kicked ass!  I ran the Eric Clapton category, and knew I won even before Final Jeopardy! All that useless music trivia knowledge paid off… Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the show on tape, even though it aired constantly.  If anyone knows how I can get a copy, I’d be forever in your debt!

These days, I deal with matters of greater importance, but entertainment is an integral part of life.

John Amato, founder and president of Crooks and Liars, is a huge sports fan.  (He’s also a musician, but that’s another story…)  He put together a group of Latino, progressive, unions and sports activists to come together and ask Bud Selig and MLB to join with the MLBPA and denounce Arizona’s hateful immigration law SB 1070.  They sent Selig a letter and held a press conference this morning, imploring MLB to move the 2011 All Star Game out of Phoenix and to pressure teams to pull all winter and spring training games from Arizona while this un-American law is in effect.  We talked about that on the show tonight…

I was also joined by Brent Budowsky, columnist for The Hill, who wrote a scathing piece in today’s paper basically warning the Democrats that they’re blowing it!


A quick programming note. I’ll be guest hosting the Randi Rhodes Show this Friday afternoon. With so many important primary races coming up, we’ll shine the spotlight on a couple of them.  Both Marcy Winograd and Joe Sestak will be my guests- two progressive candidates who are both waging tight primary challenges to Jane Harmon and Arlen Specter, respectively.  With our help, perhaps they can win too!