Can we take the temperature down a few notches please?

I logged into the Radio or Not chat room this morning only to see one semi-regular chatter going on and on about the massacre in Orlando being a “false flag” operation. And the kicker was her subsequent comment that after “watching the videos” she’s convinced that Sandy Hook was too.

Others in the YouTube chat went ballistic when I played a bit of Samantha Bee’s powerful and spot-on commentary from last night’s show about the murders in Orlando because “she supports HRC.” Newsflash, if you have no use for anyone who has different opinion than you, you’re going to live a very lonely life.

By the way, here’s the entire Sam B piece..

Rather than excoriate a comedian who is on the side of sanity, how about going after the assholes in Congress who refuse to even bring any legislation aimed at ending the gun madness to the floor? This actually happened yesterday in the House of Representatives. And yes, the Democrats were shouting because Paul Ryan refused to allow them to bring gun regulation legislation to the floor.

It’s Tuesday, so GottaLaff was here, and she joined in my pleas for us to get along and work together to advocate for a progressive future. Bernie Sanders spoke to the press after his meeting on Sunday with his close advisers and surrogates. Of course, the media ignored it, but it’s important for you to hear -really listen- what he said.


Got it? Good!

See you tomorrow….