If you were hoping to see the picture of him dead, you'll have to go somewhere else

Actually, I was planning to use that headline to wrap up my broadcast week… but I guess it also applies to the latest dictator to die.  I’m not sure at whose hands he died, but Gadaffy (or however it is spelled) is dead.

It’s quite interesting that there’s video of the fallen madman after he was captured, bloodied but still obviously very much alive.  Will we ever know exactly what happened? Probably not.  Should we care?  Not really.

After all… we’ve got troubles right here in River City my friend. … with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for POVERTY.  And that’s what Occupy Wall Street is about… well, and its polar opposite, aka the 1%.

Speaking of Harold Hill (and sorry if you didn’t get those Music Man references… just click here) … it’s World Series time.

Aside from the fact that my significant other is an agent for pro baseball players, I care because I just found out that Major League Baseball is in bed with Glenn Beck.  Well, in business, but in Beck’s case it’s the same thing.

You can find that video and the petition to sign to tell the people behind “America’s pastime” to stop working with one of the most hateful men in the country at StrikeOutBeck.com.  Seriously.

My friend Asher Huey is one of the people who helped launch that program, and he joined me on the show today to talk about it.

I was also joined by another friend, comedian John Fugelsang, to shoot the shit about George Harrison, the GOP debacle debate on Tuesday night, the death of Muhammar Khaddaffi (or however you spell it), and the Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour which hits Los Angeles this weekend.

And one last thing… ustream truly sucked today.  While it was fucking with me, I was playing the video from Allen West’s recent ridiculous interview for NewsMax TV… the questioner sounded like he was auditioning for the announcer role on the Geico commercials, and West sounded like he was trying to show how truly insane he really is…  If you absolutely have to hear it, and don’t just want to take my word for it… click here.