Sometimes, we on the left think we have our acts together. We smirk knowingly at the machinations on the right- the in-fighting, jockeying for a position at the big kid’s debate table, and the general dysfunction on display throughout the overcrowded primary process.

But on the left we have our own problems. We have a party leadership that continues to find the most conservative “Democrats” they can find, awarding extra Brownie points to the independently wealthy prospects who could self-fund their campaigns. Counter-intuitive as it seems (as it is), they continue to enlist former losers to repeat their earlier performances, as if repeating history will somehow bring a different outcome the second time around.

Today on the show, Driftglass joined me to marvel at the broken clock aspect of the Democrats – sure, they might be right twice a day, but when they are, it’s by accident, and bemoan the fact that as crazy as the Republicans are, the Democrats are adept at digging its own holes too.  From the debate stage to a Kentucky clerk’s office, we examined the strange political practices, alliances, rivalries and rules.

BTW, Driftglass and Blue Gal Fran are celebrating their 300th episode of the Professional Left Podcast, and are going to allow you to ask them anything. So visit them, listen and ask away!

In the second hour, Howie Klein joined in to discuss the reasons to avoid giving your money to the Democratic party, and donate to real progressive candidates via the Blue America PAC instead. Click here for Blue America’s House races, Senate races, and the presidential race in 2016 too…

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up this interminable week, radio or not!