Greetings from FloriDUH, the state whose nickname is “The Sunshine State” but it is one of only four in the US that prohibit citizens from buying electricity from anyone other than a utility. 

Thankfully, there are some reasonable Floridians whose brains haven’t been turned to mush by the humidity, and are working to change the laws. 

In hour two of today’s show, I spoke with Susan Glickman, FL director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. They’re working closely with the people from Floridians for Solar Choice to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Nov 2016.

Click here to read and download the petition. If you’re in Florida, please print it, fill it out following the rules exactly, and mail it in. It’s that important! 


Of course, laws making it more difficult for Floridians to harness the power of the sun is just one example of the extra dose of DUH in FloriDUH, We’re now fighting back against paying for FPL’s oil and natural gas exploration and foray into the fracking business. Seriously. 

We got serious about some of Floriduh’s challenges after a bit of fun at its expense with Deborah Newell Tornello in the first hour. Among the stories from the Oy FloriDUH files were

Tomorrow, Howie Klein returns to the show after a break for cancer treatment, and Driftglass is back too… so don’t miss the big Thursday show, radio or not!