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It’s finally Friday! If you can remember all the way back to Monday (I know, it feels like it was a long time ago), you’ll recall we were delighted by two women with a bullhorn and a beat, serenading Ron Dee-Santis with a catchy little ditty that goes “Pudding Fingers, pudding fingers, go back to Florida pudding fingers”…


Well, we now know who they are — Heather Ryan (on TikTok @IowaPoliChicks) and her niece Kara Ryan (on Facebook @merbabekara). They’ve made their activism an official PAC, now called Bitches Get Stuff Done! You can join them at And they’ll join us at the top of the hour!
Then, of course we know there’s no real climate change… But a Category 4 hurricane — named Hillary, no less — is headed straight for Southern California. Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen of and the BradCast are bugging out… so we’ll call them on the road to find out wtf is going on!