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It’s a crazy Monday and all bets are off. Well, they’re on if you’re betting on what Trump’s weight will be when he presents himself to the Fulton County Jail sometime this week to be formally fingerprinted, mug-shotted and, yes, weighed before going behind bars then before the judge to be arraigned before being released on bail. Seriously, all that will happen one day this week… a week that will also see the other Republicans vying for the nomination to run against Joe Biden in Nov 2024….
As if the Gods were trying to send a message, a hurricane — named HILARY – hit Southern California and while So Cal was still getting lashed by what had become Tropical Storm Hilary, they got slammed by an actual earthquake! No shit!
So today, it’s all of that and whatever else you’d like to talk about.
I want to talk about Section 3 of the 14th Amendment that bars Trump from ever seeking or taking office again. We all need to get on the same page eventually, right??