Yes, I’m dreaming of a Bernie Sanders presidency.

I had a rough, virtually sleepless night last night, so my varying levels of consciousness induced some fascinating imagery. In that dream-like state last night, I found myself looking past the cries of inevitability toward the possible – past the anointed nominee Hillary Clinton toward Bernie Sanders, chosen by the people who are sick and tired of the status-quo, and scripted/focus-tested candidates.

While Hillary sat for her first long-form interview since declaring her candidacy with CNN and, for the most part, saying nothing, the media has finally started talking about Bernie Sanders as a real challenger rather than as a disheveled, crazy uncle, Mike Gravel-type of curiosity.

Even Fox must be seeing the Bern, as Greg Gutfeld Gutless went on the attack. Obviously, he’s got shit for brains doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In this article from May, Juan Cole explains just how wrong Gutless is.

It’s Wednesday! Deborah Newell Tornello joined me from vacation, atop a mountain somewhere in North Carolina, to share some stories from the Oy FloriDUH files this morning including

Oy, indeed!

Finally, Susie Madrak returned to pay us a visit with a feisty discussion about what Bernie Sanders brings to the party and more…

I’ll be back tomorrow with Driftglass and Harvey J. Kaye too… radio or not!