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Welcome to Wednesday. Once we get past the news that inflation is down, the economy is buzzing, yet another interest hike is on the way and I challenge you to look at the rates you’re paying on credit cards, we’ll turn our attention to the animals.
I am an animal lover. You may know I spent every weekend for over a year leading up to the start of Covid volunteering at the Broward County animal shelter, working to help dogs find their new forever humans. I think dogs are better than humans in every way possible.
I’ve always been interested in PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organization that’s fought for animal rights and safety throughout its decades-long history of activism.

Today, I’m joined by PETA President and founder Ingrid Newkirk who just updated her will as a plan to continue her activism for animals after her death. It’s as creative as anything PETA has done in the past (and they’ve done some outlandish things to bring attention to the issue over the years).