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It’s Friday Eve… Howie Klein is here. We talk politics, as he runs the Blue America PAC and writes a lot at But we also often talk music. Before Howie went into progressive politics full-time, he was in the music industry. I met him probably close to 30 years ago when I was doing music radio in Los Angeles and Howie was president of Reprise Records! When politics gets too toxic we have somewhere else to go! (And PS, we did talk a lot of music today… and about the new venture I’m starting at

Today, I’ll tell you about what I didn’t have time for yesterday, and that’s the secret about credit cards and usurious interest rates they’re charging. I did some research and I’ll tell you which cards to use, if you must… Also, it appears that the actors are the next group to go on strike and join the WGA. I reached out to an old friend yesterday who happens to be on the Executive Board of SAG/AFTRA. You might remember David Jolliffe (if you’re an old fart like me) from when he played Bernie on the early 70s show ROOM 222. He’ll join us one day next week to fill us in on the behind-the-scenes stuff. But I’ll share some of our back and forth with you today.

I promised I’d share the video of Dolly Parton’s song “World on Fire”.. enjoy