I tried to watch some of the TV coverage of the West Virginia primary results last night, but couldn’t get any further than the graphics put up by CNN and MSNBC with their misleading and false Democratic delegate counts.

To explain why I get angry when MSNBC uses this graphic,

MSNBC counts SDs

including the “super delegates” in their total delegate count, even after they’ve been told implicitly by the Chair of the DNC NOT TO!

CNN does the same thing. Here’s their delegate count graphic from last night

CNN tally includes SDs

Still using those superdelegates to mislead the public about how close Clinton is to winning, discouraging potential Sanders voters from turning out. And yes, they were also told, in no uncertain terms, NOT TO DO THAT!

Sadly, as citizens concerned about the blatant propaganda being presented as “news” are left with no recourse; cable so-called-news channels are not subject to FCC rules that would prevent this type of medial malpractice. I supposed I’ll have to start watching the network news shows to see if they’re as blatant in their shilling as are the cable channels. Stay tuned.

Today on the show we discussed the insanity of it all with Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive from YouTube joined me to talk about being the media, feeling the Bern and lots more serious stuff. Debbie’s blog is at Follow her on Twitter and Facebook too.

Deborah Newell and I finally got back to sharing some stories from the Oy FloriDUH files including

Deputies: Deltona man finds bullet hole 3 days after shooting himself

Florida Man Tattoos Nude Portrait of Donald Trump on His Leg

Man cited after alligator foot found in dashboard, FWC says

Man accused of exposing himself to tourists at Bahia Honda State Park

Police: Florida man accidentally shoots leg before school job interview

Tomorrow, it’s Driftglass Thursday, and Howie Klein returns too, radio or not!