This Sunday marks the 70th anniversary of the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That’s sad, because we could really use him now.

Many of us thought hoped that Barack Obama would be the answer to our quest for a new New Deal, but we quickly learned that he wasn’t the right person for that job… The big question is whether there’s anyone who can fulfill our quest for a president as courageous and ballsy as FDR.

To talk about the man who I believe was our greatest president ever, Harvey J. Kaye returned to the program today. The author of The Fight for the Four Freedoms: What Made FDR and the Greatest Generation Truly Great joined me in the first hour today.

As for the worst president in history, I’d say Bush-Cheney (they go together like bull and shit)…. Cheney actually said Obama is the worst president ever! (Do we have to remind him who invaded Iraq??)

Of course, I addressed the latest revelations in the execution-style shooting of an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, by a North Charleston, SC cop, courtesy of the heroic young man who shot the video that brought us the truth about what happened. I played some clips from his lengthy interview by NBC’s Craig Melvin. Click below to watch the whole thing. It’s absolutely stunning…

In hour two, GottaLaff joined me to talk about the rest of the news, and have some fun at Rand Paul’s expense, an exercise that will likely continue for the next year or so.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the week with Flashback Friday! John Melendez will join in (I’ll get some dirt on Howard Stern from him), and for our musical blast from the past, an amazing radio performance from the Brian Setzer Orchestra that you won’t want to miss… radio or not!