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The Clinton campaign is so unnerved by the fact that Bernie Sanders won 6 of the last 7 primaries/caucuses (most of them by landslide proportions), that they’re freaking out. This morning, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny (one of the more credible of their crew) told about the Clinton camp’s new strategy leading up to the April 19 contest in NY


Hillary Clinton tried out her new strategy this morning on MSHRC’s Morning Joke Jerk by making some truly heinous claims about Bernie Sanders. I can’t just excerpt this clip from the whole segment, and don’t want to subject you to having to listen to the whole sordid thing, so here’s the audio:

Yes, we are smack, dab in the middle of opposite world. Strap in, cuz it’s only going to get worse.

Of course, this round of attacks on Sanders actually began yesterday, when word surfaced of a NY Daily News editorial board interview with Sanders. Some of the usual holier-than-thou pundits didn’t like how he answered the questions, and many took his answers out of context, as usual.

Before you take anyone else’s word about it, read the whole thing. Then read Ryan Grim’s “Did Bernie Sanders Botch An Interview With The Daily News? It’s Not That Simple” at Huffington Post, and “Let’s Dispel Once and for All With This Fiction that Sanders Doesn’t Know How to Break Up Banks” from the Roosevelt Institute. 

[Laffy here. I’m adding a few more links to our arsenal debunking the ridiculous NY Daily News talking points that Hillary supporters are clinging to so desperately]:

Please don’t let anyone else do your thinking for you. Think for yourself!

Deborah Newell joined me this morning as she does on Wednesdays, ostensibly to poke some fun at our state of FloriDUH. Today, we actually said FlordYAY to the woman inside a Gainesville Starbucks who, upon noticing Governor criminal Rick Scott ordering a drink, had a few choice words for him!

And finally, Antonia Juhasz joined me for the last 30 minutes of the show. She’s written about oil and the fossil fuel industry extensively, three books and lots of great magazine articles too, including the one for Ms Magazine that we discussed this morning, “Women Take on Climate Change“. 

Check out the rest of her articles archived on her website at

Tomorrow’s Thursday with Harvey J. Kaye and Howie Klein too, radio or not!