What are you waiting for? If you’re in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina or Missouri, today’s your day to vote. The political revolution has begun, but it’ll only succeed if we all get out and vote!

Ben Jealous, the former president and CEO of the NAACP endorsed Bernie Sanders, and is out on the road with him. We caught up with him this morning in Chicago, where he answered a few of my questions about the campaign and what’s at stake.’

Then we turned our attention toward the people who are most responsible for creating the monster that is Donald Trump – the media. I was joined by Jen Senko,  director of The Brainwashing of My Dad  (opening Friday in NYC and LA), who told us her story, one that’s been experience by Americans from all walks of life. It’s a fascinating story, one that needed to be told.

And finally, if it’s Tuesday, it’s GottaLaff at radio or not, today channeling the former half-term governor of Alaska who wanted to do radio instead of going back to Alaska to be with her husband, recovering from a “snow machine accident”.

Tomorrow, the morning after. Please get out and vote so we can have a good show tomorrow morning, radio or not!

Today’s preshow music playlist: