One of my favorite sayings these days is abbreviated as FFS. A quick Google search will tell you that it’s short for “for fuck’s sake.”

That was my reaction as I read Jeff Sharlet‘s latest piece for GQ, “Are You Man Enough for the Man’s Rights Movement?

I love reading Jeff Sharlet’s writing, and always appreciate him making the time to join us on the show, as he did this morning. This article will fascinate and sicken you at the same time. But it will also open your eyes, as it did mine, to the strange thoughts that some in our society harbor, as foreign as those thoughts are from our own. But we all need to know that these attitudes exist, in larger numbers than many of us would ever believe.

While you’re at it, check out some of Jeff’s books… there are six of them, all worthy of your time!

She’s History’s Amy Simon joined me in the second hour, today talking more about The Hurting Ground, the new film about our rape culture, and more.

Tomorrow, Boca Britany Somers returns to the studio to talk Transgender rights (or the lack thereof here in Florida), and we’ll segue into the weekend with another Flashback Friday music segment from my radio past, radio or not!