If you’ve not had the chance to hear Senator Sanders at the National Press Club, here’s a chance to correct that; he was in rare form.

[Expected the hair to be more muzzled by the last declarative sentence.]  


If you were to ask me what his major mistake has been, it’s that he thought that after putting together this extraordinary grassroots movement of young people, minorities and working-class people and getting elected to the presidency, then he thought he could sit down with the Republicans and negotiate all these agreements. He was mistaken.


The implied pulse of the problem for progressives? Probably that a Regressive Right barraged, Lipton Brigade beleaguered President Obama didn’t ‘tick off’ every last cause dear to liberal hearts and minds — promised and pinky-sworn ticks. Ticks we truly need. The caucusing progressives have little chance to tick by themselves, after all.


The American people say raise the minimum wage; the United States Congress says give tax breaks to billionaires.The American people say we have to move towards sustainable and clean energy and energy efficiency, the United States Congress says build the Keystone Pipeline. And on and on. …



The only way that any president in this day and age taking on the billionaire class can succeed — the only possible way — is to mobilize tens of millions of people to save the Congress.


Apart from that beaut of an address, Bernie was also on hand for the annual Firefighters’ Forum Shindig, aka the 2015 Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference and Presidential Forum, hosted by the International Association of Firefighters, right thar’ in Washington, D.C.


The greed IS obscene. Anyone ever see a hearse with a trailer hitch, anyway?

‘Religion of Billionaire Class Is Greed’

~ Sen. Bernie Sanders