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Fridays are filled with info here on the show because Marcy Wheeler is my regular Friday guest. Yes, she writes and publishes news at that you’re not getting from the corporate mainstream media, but she joins me on Fridays for an in-depth look at what’s happened during the past week.

Today, it’s a deep dive into the various Trump trials happening now, coming soon and coming eventually. This week, we got Don Jr and Eric on the witness stand, with Eric’s testimony ending today. Monday it’s TFG himself and Ivanka is scheduled to testify on Wednesday.

But there’s much more from partial gag orders to Aileen Canon to the co-conspirators — both indicted and unindicted — and their shenanigans.
And of course, we couldn’t end the show without a few words about the new Christian Nationalist Speaker of the House…

As usual, Marcy Wheeler is a font of information with the facts at the top of her mind. She is truly incredible and I’m extremely grateful she now joins us weekly.

Stand by… lots of info coming your way!