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We spent most of the hour Tuesday with Health Insurance Industry Whistleblower Wendell Potter. That was after I recounted my troubles trying to get new insurance here in AZ to get me through the last two months of this year. I haven’t yet told you of the horrors I experienced yesterday while looking for a plan for my final year before Medicare eligibility, and you should be happy about that.

But today I toss all of that aside with the very sad news that Ady Barkan, advocate for Medicare for All, lost his battle with ALS and passed away last night. Though we all knew it was coming, that makes the devastating news no less awful. I’ll pay a small tribute to the the man who was taken way too soon.

As he does each Thursday, Howie Klein joins in at the bottom of the hour. Something happened yesterday in the House that I’m hoping Howie can clarify for us. A vote to remove that lying sack of shite George Santos from office came before the House in, I believe, a bipartisan motion. While most of his GOP colleagues voted to keep the lying liar in their ranks (not surprised), I was surprised that 31 Democrats voted with the Republicans and George the liar Santos remains firmly ensconced in his seat. Most of those 31 weren’t a surprise, but one completely shocked me… Jamie Raskin?!?!?!

I’ll certainly ask Howie what that was about, and get the scoop on the new Magat Speaker of the House too.