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The asterisk in the title of today’s show isn’t mine; it’s in the title of the book I’ll be discussing with the one & only Joan Walsh today: CORPORATE BULLSH*T: EXPOSING THE LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS THAT PROTECT PROFIT, POWER, AND WEALTH IN AMERICA.
Joan wrote the book with two co-authors– progressive billionaire Nick Hanauer (who I’ve long wished to interview) and founder and executive director of In the Public Interest Donald Cohen (who I have interviewed before). Joan, of course, is now national affairs correspondent for THE NATION, who’s been writing about the news from a progressive perspective for years. (She’s also, like me, a mega Springsteen fan!)
Joan will join in at the 30 minute mark. Until then, I’ll recap the latest news, including what, if anything, we’re hearing from inside the courtroom where TFG’s eldest spawn is testifying today.
And I may tell you about our morning at the Emergency Animal Hospital this morning. #notfun