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Well that was interesting. I have a story to tell you about that bastion of free speech, Pacifica Radio’s ailing Los Angeles station KPFK.

They offered me the job of Program Director a few years ago. I turned them down because it was a cluster fuck, among other reasons. A few months ago, the interim Program Director got in touch and offered me a weekly show. I agreed and was to begin this Friday. Yes, in two days.

This morning the interim General Manager called to tell me they “won’t be moving forward” with it. Needless to say, I’m stunned and livid. I’ll tell more during the show.

Funny, today I have Jason Leopold scheduled to talk about his big FOIA scoop on the White House cocaine. We’ll talk about that, but I’ll also ask him to use his FOIA skills to call KPFK out on the bullshit excuse they gave me. (Nope, FOIA doesn’t apply to an entity outside of government.)

Yes, this show will be raw. After all, it’s online only. I know how to protect a license over the air. I’ve done it for over 40 years! So, strap in. Truth telling ahead.