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I’m pretty disgusted right about now. I’ve spent the better part of the day watching the March for Israel livestreaming online from a few different sources. None of the cable so-called-news channels aired the thing, as expected. But most of the streams came from right wing outlets including Fox. And the one or two that were allegedly “fair and balanced” were filled with ugly commentary from both sides in the chat.
There were moments that made me proud, but just as many that made my skin crawl. Most notably, the inclusion of raging antisemite Pastor John Hagee who only “supports” Israel because his batshit belief is that all Jews must return to Israel so he can bring on the rapture. GMAFB.

On the other side of the split screen is Congress, where the Republicans will likely shut down the government in a few days unless the Democrats come to the rescue. They did! Astounding.

And then there was the Republican senator who threatened to fight the Teamsters president who was testifying at a hearing. Really!

I call it Opposite World… we’re in the thick of it.