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Veterans Day this year fell on a Saturday. It always falls one week after my birthday, and 8 days before my father’s. My dad never talked about his time in the Army. I always thought he was in the Korean War, but it turns out he was in WWII.
I don’t think he ever saw battle though. He was the emcee of the variety shows. Think Bob Hope one liners, but cornier. (I found binders of his material after he died). Anyway, I’ve been thinking about my dad recently, and what soldiers were fighting for (or against) in WWII and wondering if those in today’s military ever wonder which side they’re fighting for.
And then I heard about what the former guy said in a speech he spewed on Veterans Day, invoking the words of and praising dictators, some of them amongst the most vile to deface the planet. And I get sad.