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It’s Monday and this promises to be an interesting week. The former guy’s three eldest spawn all will take the stand in the fraud trial against the organization with their name on it. Wars continue raging overseas while antisemitism has been ratcheted up to levels I’ve never experienced in almost 64 years on the planet.
Speaking of 64, I will be asking if you’ll still need me or feed me come Saturday, and boy could I use the help. Although I’m loving Arizona, everything is more expensive, from my shitty internet service (can you say DOUBLE THE COST?) to my shitty health insurance (almost twice the price for half the benefit) to gas and food and everything else.

No, I’m not starting the week in a good place. But thankfully Heather ‘Digby’ Parton is here to talk with about how awful everything is.
Sorry, I tried to put a positive spin on it. It’s just not going to happen today. Maybe Digby can help…