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It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about Halloween. Open enrollment for Medicare began two weeks ago, and tomorrow (Nov 1), the Obamacare exchanges open for those of us still under 65. Both are like the worst haunted houses to navigate as you never know what scary monsters are hiding in those provisions and plans.
So today, our old friend Wendell Potter returns to the show.
Wendell is still the only former health insurance executive to become a whistleblower, so we thank him even more for his courage and dedication to informing the public about the horribly deceptive practices of the for-profit health insurance industry.
Today, we’ll cover exactly what Medicare “Advantage” is and isn’t (hint: it’s neither Medicare nor is it any advantage!) and hopefully get some advice for those of us navigating that maze.
And for those of us unfortunate to not be Medicare eligible yet, we’ll discuss the ACA and state exchanges, and the changes that have been made to the program in the over 10 years (!) it’s been up and running.
Hopefully Wendell can answer your questions.