Not only are Magats and Republicans hypocrites, they’ve actually killed irony.
This is been a week filled with unbelievable court proceedings and congressional hearings. During each one, at least one Republican shill or representative has made complete fools of themselves.
Today in a House Oversight hearing on contempt charges for Hunter Biden for not complying with a Congressional subpoena (after they changed the rules mid-stream), one of them spoke directly to the president’s son and said “You have no balls.” But of course we know he does because another of their members, Marjorie Q Green showed his “dick pics” during an earlier hearing in that very room, as a couple of the Democrats on the committee reminded us this morning.
So much to talk about, so many clips to share. Thank goodness Lisa Graves is joining us today to share her own legal perspective on the right’s attack on the rule of law in this country.