1-10-24 Nicole Sandler Show – “You Have No Balls” Pot Meet Kettle with Lisa Graves

  https://media.zencastr.com/audio-files/5e0cc41aa9798f001400ff98/4071bd85-ba9e-4618-8794-cbdfa296af8d.mp3   Not only are Magats and Republicans hypocrites, they've actually killed irony. This is been a week filled with unbelievable court proceedings and congressional hearings. During each one, at least one Republican shill or representative has made complete fools of themselves. Today in a House Oversight hearing on contempt charges for Hunter Biden for not complying with a Congressional subpoena (after they changed the rules mid-stream), one of them spoke directly to the president's son and said "You have no balls." But of course we know he does because another of their members, Marjorie Q Green showed his [...]