The Morning After Health Care Passed

The sweeping health care reform bill already passed by the Senate passed the House last night. Funny, though, I haven’t noticed a slide into the Fascist-Socialist-Communist state the right has been warning us about.

Tomorrow morning, President Obama will sign this bill into law, and then the Senate will (hopefully) quickly pass the fixes in the reconciliation bill. And then, with our urging, they’ll get to work on making it better. (Public Option/Medicare for All, anyone?)

On tonight’s show, we talked about the bill that passed last night, and what it means to us in the immediate future, as well as the reconciliation bill and how soon it might go through the Senate.

I was joined by Crooks & Liars founder John Amato, blogger/tweeter @Karoli ( and, and David Waldman (aka @KagroX), contributing editor of DailyKos and

And in case you were wondering what some of your favorite progressive talk radio hosts looked like, a few of us were together at the New Media Seminar in NYC last week…

Back tomorrow night, 6-8pm EDT… radio or not…

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