Today is Tuesday– primary day in Michigan.  If you live in Michigan’s 8th District, I hope you wrote in the name of Lance Enderle for Congress.  We’ll know by this time tomorrow whether or not the people of Michigan’s 8th will actually have a Democrat on the ballot.

But I guess it doesn’t matter to Ed Schultz if there are any Democrats on the ballot where he’s registered to vote (is it North Dakota, Minnesota or NY these days?), as he proclaimed on Friday that he won’t be voting in the midterm election.  Actually, I hadn’t heard this until a short while ago when I visited Bob Cesca’s awesome blog, and read “No Sir. I Don’t Like It.”  Bob will join me for the last segment of the show to talk about the idiocy of this pronouncement.

I remember how dismayed I felt when I heard Keith Olbermann proclaim that he never votes! I can understand journalists being tight-lipped about their political preferences as they’re supposed to be objective.  But Keith Olbermann is a commentator who makes no pretense of impartiality. His credibility dropped a couple of notches in my book after hearing that statement (made on “The View” no less!)

I’m no big fan of the Dems these days, and will bemoan the fact that I continue to vote for the lesser of all evils just about every time I enter the voting booth.  But voting is, I believe, the responsibility of the intelligent among us.  Let the idiots stay home.  You can take that as a dig at Ed if you wish…

I live in Flori-DUH, not the best place to be on election day. We have some of the worst candidates vying for office these days. Our primary day is three weeks from today.  In the Democratic Primary for the US Senate seat vacated by Mel Martinez (who pulled a Palin last year), I can choose between my do-nothing Congressman Kendrick Meek, a Republican turned Democratic carpetbagger who made his fortune from homeowners’ misfortune (and is pulling a Fiorina in trying to buy the election) Jeff Greene, or Maurice Ferre— former 6 term Mayor of Miami who’s been out of politics (and out of touch?) for over 15 years.

Although I may wind up voting for Charlie Crist in the general election (who’s switched from Republican to Independent), I’ll do my homework and vote for the one I think is the least offensive in the primary.  In fact, Maurice Ferre will be my first guest on tonight’s show.

I’ll also be joined by the wonderful Howie Klein, aka DownWithTyranny who, along with Digby (Hullabaloo) and John Amato (Crooks and Liars) run the Blue America PAC.  And Susie Madrak will weigh in on a couple of posts she wrote for Crooks & Liars… “Study: Employers  Used Recession As Excuse For Cutting Even Deeper And Increase Profits. Why Is No One Talking About This?” (we will).  And, on the day that BP says it began the “static kill” procedure to finally kill the well in the Gulf, we’ll touch on today’s piece “New Numbers on Gulf Spill: 4.8 Million Barrels of Oil.

Check back later tonight for the podcast!