8-4-15 Nicole Sandler Show – Grabby Old Pervs

A busy Tuesday show on tap with cartoonist Tom Tomorrow whose record-shattering Kickstarter campaign ends today; Susan Smith, president of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of FL responding to Eleanor Clift's offensive article on what Florida voters want; and GottaLaff joins me to talk last night's clown car cattle call and everything else. And we attempt to come up with a better description for the GOP acronym.

What Do They Stand For?

Before today's show began, I spent some time listening to the House Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on Healthcare.gov's problems.  Today, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was in the hot seat. When I tuned in, she was being questioned berated by TN Representative Marsha Blackburn who couldn't have been any more shrill or nasty if she tried. I'm pissed about the problems too, and I think that Sebelius should probably be fired for the disaster.   But that doesn't excuse the lack of civility displayed, not only by Blackburn but by her GOP colleagues on the committee as well. They bitched (and [...]

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