Today, Digby returned to the show to talk about the candidates in the 2016 presidential race on both sides of the aisle. Although they’re more entertaining on the right, we have some issues on the left too.

As the first out of the gate to officially announce he’s running, bypassing the exploratory committee, Ted Cruz has been making the rounds and opening himself up to lots of (much deserved) criticism.

To hear the quotes that raised my ire higher than it already is, you just need to listen to the show and hear how he invoked the Newtown massacre as one of his accomplishments – not that he did anything to prevent a similar tragedy from ever happening again, but how he strengthened our Second Amendment rights for all deranged nutjobs to be able to potentially do something similarly horrific.

I had some fun with pundits and politicians’ seeming inability to pronounce Netanyahu’s name, and marveled at the Robertson clan – both Phil and Pat – and the hateful things they say.

I could never write stuff as offensive as this…

Plus, Susan Smith checked in from the Progressive Democratic Caucus of Florida about their recent poll which found 63% of respondents urging Alan Grayson to run for the US Senate! 

And although Digby liked the idea of a Draft Grayson for Senate campaign, she didn’t spill the beans about the Blue America PAC launching one… but Howie Klein wrote about it just as the show was ending today. So join in, and give whatever you can!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with author and political scientist Harvey Kaye and the Gliberal Goddesses too, radio or not!