If we could only take the politician out of politics…

We have fallen through the rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems.

Now that Donald Trump is looking more inevitable as the GOP nominee with each day, the Republican party leaders are in panic mode. They’re pooling resources to try to stop him, a strategy that would have been more effective if they had done it before Iowa! Now, it’s just a bigger train wreck – and out of its ashes emerged… Mitt Romney. I kid you not!

The concerted attacks from all corners of the GOP establishment made D’ump, again, threaten a third party run. And just in time for tonight’s GOP debate on Fox, with Megyn Kelly as one of the moderators. Extra popcorn tonight!

I took a few minutes at the top of the show today to chat with my old friend Susan Smith. She’s president of The Progressive Democratic Caucus of Florida who called on President Obama to reconsider his ill-advised endorsement of Patrick Murphy for Senate yesterday. We’ll get her back on the show next week for a lengthier discussion of the Floriduh legislature, Marco Rubio and more things FloriDUH.

It was Driftglass Thursday, and our friend from Illinois was in fine form, as usual. Listen to his commentary on today’s show, read his blog, and check out the Professional Left Podcast that he hosts with his lovely wife, Blue Gal Fran.

We’ll wrap up the week tomorrow with Julianna Forlano and a FlashbackFriday musical blast from my radio past with Ben Folds (in honor of his joining the Sanders campaign Tuesday night in Vermont!), radio or not!