2-19-24 It’s A Holiday But We’re Here with The F#*king News – Nicole Sandler Show

     If I hadn't taken last Monday off to hang with my daughter, I'd probably be enjoying a President's Day holiday off, but I couldn't justify it. Besides, I put together an open for Jonathan Larsen's The Fucking News segment, and I didn't want to wait another week to play it. (You can hear it by clicking play below)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhW1LKmkkWo

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Politics, Religion and Music

Today's show was about all of these! Music and politics are probably my two favorite topics. Religion, notsomuch, which is one of the reasons we need to talk about it today! The show began with politics.  Details are emerging about the 49 state settlement with the five big banks on foreclosure fraud.  (Which state didn't sign on?  I know that's what you're asking yourself right now.  Answer in a moment.) David Dayen at FireDogLake probably had the best explanation of this piece of shit deal (which I read from on the air today) ...  and Mike Lux has some good [...]

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Fighting for Freedom

Things turned very ugly in Egypt yesterday as the world watched the people fight for freedom. It's been a week of inspiration mixed with sadness and joy, and anxiety and fear for friends we've never met. Many of us here in America are reaching out to show the Egyptian people that we stand with them.  From my conversation yesterday with an employee at the Cairo Marriott (scroll down to the next post if you haven't yet heard it!) to the presence of some familiar faces in Cairo calling for peace, we realize what a small world it truly is. Medea [...]

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