Things turned very ugly in Egypt yesterday as the world watched the people fight for freedom. It’s been a week of inspiration mixed with sadness and joy, and anxiety and fear for friends we’ve never met.

Many of us here in America are reaching out to show the Egyptian people that we stand with them.  From my conversation yesterday with an employee at the Cairo Marriott (scroll down to the next post if you haven’t yet heard it!) to the presence of some familiar faces in Cairo calling for peace, we realize what a small world it truly is.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, is on the ground in Cairo standing in solidarity with those fighting for a better, freer life. This morning, I spoke with Code Pink’s Tighe Barry in Tahir Square, who painted the current picture for us.  Click here to read their coverage and see more of their pictures.

Meanwhile, we’re still fighting for democracy here at home.  Mikey Weinstein is founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and is leading the fight to uphold the separation of church and state – especially in the military where the lines are truly blurred.  Mikey spoke with us this morning about today’s unconstitutional National Prayer Breakfast, and his lawsuit about next week’s Air Force Academy Prayer luncheon.

After a news update from TRNS, I again called Cairo. This time, I spoke with an amazing woman named Marwa Rakha – an author and adjunct professor at the University of Cairo.   She told us about what’s happening there from her perspective, as one who was born and raised in Egypt, and is fighting for their freedom.

And we closed out the week talking about the events of the weeks with comedian John Fugelsang….

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